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I’m Ahmad

An exigency to impart profound positive impact at scale. Also living an online multiple personality disorder since 1998, but who's counting.

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I enjoy building Products and Growing them. Passionate about knowledge sharing as a lever for impact, Content Development, and Distribution. I'm a learner looking for questions worth answering.

The time I don't spend building things I usually spend thinking about Evolutionary Product Management. Ethics. Complexity, and Startups.

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Product Management

The highly unpredictable nature of innovation requires comfort operating in the Complex Domain delivering value to users in good faith.


To achieve scale teams and crews operating in the Complicated Domain follow good practices to construct narratives users refer others to.


Understanding that disruptive innovation is about the grit, processes, and creativity is justified when it has a positive impact on those creating it, and those it serves.


I like to understand how to succeed, and why some don't. It really helps to make communicating that in an entertaining to others. To learn together.

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